Very rarely do I hear a storyblog so brutally honest as this one by Ms. Moon. I’m relaying it to my readers who desire some sort of a knock-some-sense-in-me factuality about publishing in YA lit.

The rest of this blog is about Heptograms…. A kind of magnificent man made star.

The heptogram is the seven pointed star. But it’s also symbolic of Ouija board games and fantasy role playing. Caveat: this is an experimental post. Scientists beware!

This amalgam of triangles may be a platonic conception of a star untethered to astrological nonsense. But more likely on the Pascal’s triangle. This view of a geodesic dome is a replica of the same mathematical principle of Pascal’s triangle, which has infinitely repeating triangles.

Photo by Laura Meinhardt on Pexels.com

This mountain of nonsense has very little to do with my dissertation, but you’ll be glad to know that Pascal’s triangle can be replacated in numbers by adding sums:

The French mathematician Blaise Pascal created a fractal that expressed this value of triangles that infinitely repeat.

Why do we put a star of Bethlehem on the top of the Christmas tree? It is more likely because of the tapping into the non-changeable quality of the stars, a reality that organizes our days without the use of Chaos (the destroyer).

The 7 pointed star remains a geometric figure which cannot be tesselated. The image is below.

I have been playing the board game ‘Starburst’ below. Same principle.

put a peg in each hole in succession without ever repeating a line.