He never returned…

After several weeks of camping outside of the great library, the deuce realized that it was unlikely that Brad should ever return the Eyrrfish document. They had many unusual conversations with Jongleur. One of these was the following:

“Surely, Brad is also a vampire,” said Lakfi.

“No, actually, this is why he went to Eyrrf. He wanted to escape the vampire legacy of his former family. He knew that to escape the problem of vampiric succession, he would quit the manse in Melmond for something that his then father would have never suspected,” replied Jongleur.

“Why can’t you just tell us where he is?” asked Poxig.

“I am sworn to secrecy because of the nature of my profession. If I were to reveal the names of the patrons of this library, it would cause disorder in the librarian code of honor,” offered the librarian.

“Well, then, perhaps you have other books on the Eyrrfish language?” asked Lakfi

“I do, but it is too rare to be shown. Even the light might damage the pages. I do have one on the history of Eyrrf, which might be of interest to you,” said Jongleur.

“Please, sir, show us this book!” said Poxig.

The librarian  brought out a slim volume of about one hundred and fifty pages. The corners of the pages of the book were yellowed with time.

“This is the account of a black mage who lived in Eyrrf a hundred years ago. He catalogued all of the  magic spells that he mastered at the time,” said Jongleur.

It turned out that this book was a commentary to Eyrrfish. No one knew that language except one language expert, and her name was Sheela Nesta, who lived across the sea.


The search (part 3)

They walked into the cavernous reaches of the library.  Jongleur showed them some of the rare books  in the collection. They were surprised to see so very few patrons in the library.

“Not many venture to the top of Mt. Crump in search of wisdom. You have managed to avoid the soldiers at the border. Now it seems necessary to tell you something you may not know about the Eyrrfish,” said Jongleur.

“What’s that?” asked Poxig.

“Many of them are half-orcish, half-elvish,” said he. “Your friend’s son must have been a sort of unusual addition to their kind. They are a strange bunch, and only come out at noontime due to their weak eyesight.”

“You have to tell us what we must do to learn this language. Brad would have the document. Can you get it for us?” Lakfi questioned.

That night, they talked late into the night about how to communicate with these strange people from a forgotten civilization. They knew that at least they had to get the locket to Carl’s son, Brad.

“But you said Brad lives nearby…” he commented. “Why can’t we just go there?”

“I never give the information of my patrons to others. It’s a policy that I don’t intend to break,” said Jongleur.

“Well, if we can’t find Brad, then we’ll have to ask you for the map to get to Eyrrf,” Poxig said.

“I wouldn’t recommend it,” said Jongleur. “These beings are technically orc. They might have you for dinner.”

“You just said that they have weak eyesight,” said Poxig. “I think we can surely evade them and find Brad.”

“Well, then, how will you communicate with them?” Jongleur asked.

“Once we have the sacred amethyst, we won’t need to,” said Poxig.

Jongleur continued on his tirade to persuade them that they ought to take precautions. He told them of a document that located the sacred amethyst’s whereabouts near Mount Eyrrf. But only through communicating with these people could they hope to find it.

That settled it for the twosome. They would wait for Brad Conrad’s return to the library, and then somehow get the document that they needed. Jongleur