Attack from the nemesis of Melmond

The master of the manse presented himself before the two denizens. He was dressed in a cape with a large black collar, and he had blood streaks down the side of his face where he had sucked the life from a marsh squirrel. His hair was combed back, with some sort of hair gel. He had sunken cheeks behind pronounced cheek bones, and his pallor gave a  sort of wan complexion. He introduced himself.

“Allow me to present myself. Carl Conrad. I am the descendant of the Conrad family who have owned this manse for seven generations. We are a proud race of the clan Farraday, who you may be familiar with. Our name shows our pedigree. We have our own family seal. Now, before I devour your blood, may I ask what you are doing in my graveyard?”

“We will never surrender, Conrad. We know that you are the vampire that is terrorizing Melmond. Your reign of terror ends here,” said Lakfi.

“We are the light warriors,” shouted Poxig. “We will not go quietly.”

“Then, you will know the full power of dark magic!” replied Conrad. He proceeded to cast a dazzle spell, which blinded them with white light. Then, in their confusion, the heroes could not see the vampire approaching.

Then, Poxig was reminded that vampires could be repelled by the aroma of garlic. Just as the vampire was about to reach his person, Poxig threw the garlic. It gave off a smell that repelled the evil genius. Then, when he was muddled by the garlic, Poxig took his penknife and waved the dagger near the undead creature’s heart.

Conrad immediately turned into a vampire bat and flew into the evening sky. Lakfi, who was blinded by the spell, awoke from his stupor. He realized that Poxig had saved his life from the vampire. The black magician congratulated Poxig and then thanked him for saving his life.

Behind him, the vampire had left the ruby necklace. Poxig took the necklace and put it around his neck, and he heaved a sigh of relief. It was the case that he had repelled the vampire, but he would be back to torture the inhabitants of Melmond.

“We never got to tell him about his wife’s plea,” said Poxig.

“This kind of evil will not be reformed, my green-faced companion,” uttered Lakfi.

“Still,  I believe that we can change him back to his former state, if only we could use holy magic on his person. But this kind of magic is beyond your purview,” said Poxig.

“Indeed, we would need to inquire the service of a practitioner of white magic,” replied Lakfi.

“Still, if we could find him in his coffin, then maybe we could…”

Lakfi interrupted Poxig. “The ruby necklace! Remember that Mrs. Conrad had told us that she gave it to him!”

“Yes, maybe we could use it as leverage. Once he remembers his former self, then he  will relinquish his nefarious ways.”

The daylight was coming over the mountains on the horizon. There would be no vampire attack until nightfall. Lakfi and Poxig planned their attempt to revitalize the sailor-turned-vampire. Of course, neither Releven, nor Master Control could ensure their success. But the two prayed to their gods nonetheless, and began to make a plan to reform the terror of Melmond.


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