The search

Poxig and Lakfi had make their peace with each other, because a new problem posed itself. They had promised the dying Conrad to find his son, and present the locket to him. In fact, Poxig had little to go on except the reformed vampire’s instructions to seek him at the castle on the top of Mount Eyrrf, where there was a chance that they could find him.

Poxig and his friend the dark mage set out from the manse to locate the lost son at the heights of Eyrrf. This place was ancient people that had separated themselves from all other races. Although human, they did not consider themselves to be of the human race. They spoke in a strange dialect called Eyrrfish. In order to speak to these people, they would have to consult Dr. Unne, the master of languages.

They arrived in Melmond that evening as the sun set, and knocked on Dr.  Unne’s door. He lived in a small accommodation by the end of the road, next to the graveyard. A large oak tree was towering over them, and was cutting shapes in the sky with its long black branches. The owls were hooting in the trees.

Dr. Unne appeared at the door, disheveled in his lab coat. Obviously, he had been working on an important scientific discovery.

“Eyrrfish, you say?” said Dr. Unne “Well, you’ve come the right place my boys! It’s my scientific speciality!”

They learned that Eyrrfish could only be translated with a special document which had to be found and brought to Dr. Unne. It just so happened that there was a copy at the library on the top of Mount Crump, but they would have to communicate with the master librarian Jongleur by letter, so as to alert him to their arrival.

“Jongleur is a mysterious librarian,” said Dr. Unne. “He does not like to deal with the general public, so you will have to ask him to meet with you by writing him a letter.”

They agreed that they would do this. The librarian’s vision was not as it used to be, and it was not sure that they would be able to see him right away. They gathered up their courage to set out for Ulteria, when Mount Crump was located. They had to keep the promise that they had made to Carl Conrad while he was still alive.

“Do you think we have a chance of finding the Eyrrfish translation document?” asked Lakfi.

“I think even one missive to Jongleur should do the trick,” replied Unne.

“Even we fail, it will not be all for naught. Perhaps Jongleur can give us some insight as to the location of the sacred amethyst.”

“We can’t afford to fail. As light warriors, the fate of Illyria rests in our hands,” said Poxig.

Of course, Lakfi didn’t really think of himself in this way, and he impugned the light warrior prophecy. But his respect for Poxig remained. Poxig, on the other hand, had other issues to resolve. He wished to be able to find his lost father, and thereby his namesake. If he could do this, it was possible that his father would tell him what the purpose of his being was, or if not, validate his ancestral heraldry.

And so the search went on for a suitable guide to Mount Crump. Dr. Unne would not leave his work at laboratory, and could not accompany them. They would need to hire another mage to guide them through the rough terrain of Ulteria. Who knows what Wyverns flew in those dim skies?

Dr. Unne wished them well, resupplied their knapsacks, and sent them on their way. Having mailed the letter to Jongleur, the two unlikely friends continued to Ulteria, in hopes of at least retrieving the sacred amethyst.the friends


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