Behind the question

The night was getting late, and they had not yet located the precious document that would translate the Eyrrfish language into plain English. They had coaxed, wheedled, and cajoled Jongleur, but he would give no indication as to Brad’s whereabouts.

They gave a sample from Dr. Unne of the Koine Greek language and asked Jongleur to translate.

“Εν ‘αρχη ην ‘ο λογος,” read the document.

“Of course, this reads ‘In the beginning was the word.’ ” said Jongleur.

“Dr. Unne located this gospel as the cause of the universe’s existence ex nihilo,” said Lakfi.

There was a small outside chance that the gospel  as it were would lead them to the source of the earth’s rot. No one could locate the source of this, and least of all, Jongleur, who was puzzled.  He knew the document was ‘Ευαγγελιον ‘ιΩαννην, but he didn’t know how that would lead them to the source of the earth’s rot.

“The question is, does this document lead us to the source of the earth’s rot?” asked Poxig.

“The answer to your question will be in the sacred black magician texts,” added Lakfi.

“Perhaps! This document does prophesy many things, but only tells of the apocalypse, not of its cause,” replied Jongleur.

“Then, tell us! What is the source of the earth’s rot?” asked Lakfi.

“You must consult the prophecy, and I cannot lead you further. But everyone knows the light warriors will restore order to the universe!” exclaimed Jongleur.book23

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